FlightAware ProStick optimized RTL-SDR

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The FlightAware team have today announced the release of the “ProStick”, an RTL-SDR dongle that they write has been modified for improved better ADS-B reception. The new FlightAware RTL-SDR’s main defining feature is that it comes with a built in low noise amplifier (LNA) on the front end. The built in LNA is optimized for the ADS-B frequency of 1090 MHz and has 19 dB of gain with a 0.4 dB noise figure and an OIP3 of +39dB. They claim that the new unit will give a 20-100% performance boost in terms of range for Mode S reception when compared to a standard RTL-SDR.

As the increased gain and amplifier non-linearities can cause overload and intermodulation to more easily occur, the FlightAware team stresses that you must use the new device with a 1090 MHz filter, such as their FlightAware filter. In a previous post we reviewed the FlightAware filter and antenna and found that they performed very well and are great value for money.

The new unit is priced cheaply at $16.95 + shipping on Amazon for US buyers, and $24.95 + shipping on eBay for international buyers.


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