VI0ANZAC – Casey Station, Antarctica

Thursday Aug 06, 2015


The activation of VI0ANZAC on Casey Station in the Australian Antarctic Territory is due to start as part of the Wireless Institute of Australia ANZAC 100 program.

Doug VK0DMV is working at Casey Station and has great pleasure in activating the VI0ANZAC callsign. His role keeps him extremely busy and can only operate when his duties allow. This will mean that some published operation time may not occur due to working requirements and weather conditions.

VI0ANZAC will use the commercial Qmac HF90 transceiver with an output power of 50 watts into a dipole antenna.

Fred VK3DAC, the ANZAC 100 coordinator will be on air as a control station. Potential operating dates are the 8th and 9th of August, start time at 0000UTC which is 10am AEST,8am at Casey Station and operate for 2 hours, and then stop.

Doug is and experienced radio man but has had little experience in amateur radio, Patience is required

To set up a contact you can email [email protected]

Proposed schedule for Saturday 9th August and Sunday 10th August – the UTC times proposed are:

-0000 to 0200

-0400 to 0600

-0900 to 1100

The frequencies are:

-0000 to 0030 on 7.095MHz

-0030 to 0130 on 14.250MHz

-0130 to 0200 on 21.250MHz

-0400 to 0430 on 7.095MHz

-0430 to 0530 on 14.250MHz

-0530 to 0600 on 21.250MHz

-0900 to 1030 on 14.250MHz

-1030 to 1100 on 3.585MHz

Source: DX WORLD