My Elecraft KX1 companion: an EFHW trapped antenna for 40/30/20m

I’ve got an old Elecraft KX1 I love. It is a perfect transceiver when you go hicking or travelling.

I am lucky to have the internal ATU so I could fire a wire in a tree and let’s the ATU do its work. But with a maximum of 3W, it is better sometimes to set up an antenna which can radiate the full power you have, without dissipating power in the ATU.

Because I have the 30m option, I will need an antenna for the 40-30-20m.

I will build an End Fed Half Wave antenna for different reasons:

  1. you don’t need a long feeder (less weight when traveling)
  2. you can use it as an inverted Vee or a slopper
  3. you feed the antenna from its end (you can use it from your hotel window as a slopper)
  4. you can use a light fishing pole (which doesn’t have to resist to the coax weight)
  5. As a half wave antenna, you don’t need radials

So let’s build a light EFHW.

to be continued.

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