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Brian, GW4DVB will be active again from Palm Island (IOTA NA-025) 12 – 22 April 2016 as J88PI.
He will operate on 40 – 6m SSB.
QSL via home call.
Ads for direct QSL:
Brian Price, PO Box 20:20, Llanharan – Pontyclun. CF72 9ZA, Wales, UK.
QTH Locator – FK92ho.
IOTA -NA-025 The Grenadines.
WAZ Zone – CQ 8.
ITU Zone – 11

Palm Island a reflection of elegance and beauty of Caribbean

Palm Island is a treat for the lovers of nature and is one of the most famous tourist destinations of the world. It is a small island situated in Grenadines and one can only reach it via boat. The island is known for covering an area of 135 acres and is accommodates 5 beaches in itself. Interesting point that should be highlighted here is that initially the island was known as the Prune Island, but its name was changed after owners named John Caldwell and Mary seeded plants of coconut is great numbers and their efforts turned the deserted and isolated island into a wonderful paradise of palm trees, which at the present day manages to capture the attention of great majority of people belonging to different parts of the world. Over the year popularity of Palm Island has only witnessed increase and currently it contains a good number of holiday mansions, restaurant, spa, bars, tennis courts, swimming pool and much more for entertaining and its guests and providing them an experience of a life time.

The Grenadines

It is important to provide the introduction of Grenadines because a closer and stronger association is present between Grenadines and Palm Island. It is basically one of the Caribbean chains of island which has the inclusion of approximately 600 islands in Windward Islands. As far a

s the geographical boundaries are concerned these are divided among Saint Vincent and Grenadines as well as Grenada. It should be noted here that Saint Vincent and Grenadines is one of the popular island countries that is situated inside Lesser Antilles Island arc in the south part of Windward Islands. When you consider the territory which is covering 150 sq mi of land of the Saint Vincent as well as the north 2/3 of Grenadines there are many important aspects to understand as well as highlight. Kings Town is the popular Capital and also acts as an important port.

In simple words it can be stated that islands that are associated with Grenadines are actually attractive smaller islands that are lying between Grenada as well as the St. Vincent. interestingly there are 600 smaller islands which make Grenadines, but main factor to consider here is that these islands are counted in most beautiful locations of Caribbean and are very much loved by people and for this credit goes to their natural beauty, which has not been damaged by the development that is taking place in the rest of the world. There are many interesting aspects related with the islands especially their names always manage to capture the attention of masses. Some of them have airports, which make travelling easy, but when we specifically talk about Palm Island, the one can only reach it via boat.

Saint Vincent and Grenadines Coat of Arms Saint Vincent and Grenadines

Attractions associated with Palm Island

It is one of the private islands that are present in Grenadines Chain and it’s a must see place for masses who have love for natural beauty and look forward towards peaceful lifestyles. It will not be wrong to mention here that this island is famous for providing higher levels of luxury living to its visitors. The most attractive element associated with this island is the atmosphere, which it provides calm and charming environment with its breath taking beauty. It is a favorite spot for spending vacations, lavish wedding ceremonies, honeymoon and much more. In short, the island is there to entertain those who want to enjoy luxury lifestyles. The vacation experience provided by this island is perfect and you are not going to find similar entertainment in any other part of world.

Palm Island Grenadines J88PI

History of Palm Island

As we have already mentioned above the island was known as Prune Island it had sandy beaches, but was unoccupied and had swamps and mosquitoes. In the year 1966 John Caldwell and his wife took the island on lease of 99 years from the government. They played a strong part in improving the beauty of the island by seeding palms. John had developed this habit of planting palms and was known as Johnny Coconuts because of this. Slowly the name Prune Island was forgotten and it became famous as the Palm Island and couple started to construct a ten bedroom hotel that was named as Palm Island Beach Club and they monitored the hotel for next 30 years.

In the year 1999 hotel constructed by former owners was sold to James Lane and Rob Barrett. The structures present at that time were falling down so they were replaced by newer buildings which contained forty one beautiful rooms as well as suits, a modernized Spa, swimming pools, tennis courts and much more. After sometime two private houses were also purchased and they were changed into marvelous holiday mansions, which were provided all the facilities for entertaining families or friends which come in groups. In addition, to this a nursery was opened also a green house was created for dealing with daily demands of herbs for the regular menus. Today this attractive island stands as a luxurious and amazing holiday destination and it’s visited by people belonging to different parts of the world. Equipped with all the modern facilities and close to nature this is a wonderful place which reflects peace and calmness.

Palm Island Map J88PI

If it’s mentioned that Palm Island is simply perfect mixture of class, elegance and style, then it will not at all be a wrong statement. This beautiful island has been planned in a very handsome manner for entertaining travelers who seek uncomplicated and entertaining vacations close to sandy beaches and beautiful natural scenes. The people who are related with maintenance and development of the island are extremely friendly and reflect a very high degree of hospitality and caring. They take the wishes of guests as their demands and will do all in their power to bring happiness and excitement in the life of guests so that their stay can become memorable.

Palm Island J88PI QSL

In short, there are more than enough reasons which make this wonderful island an attractive part of Caribbean so one should pay a visit to it.

Palm Island J88PI Tourist Attractions

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Where Palm Island is located. Map.

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