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ARISS-Europe Board Elections

According the ARISS-Europe Terms of Reference, Board elections took place in 2015:

– A call for candidatures was circulated to the Member Societies March 2015.
– Candidatures were accepted till the end of May 2015.
– June 4, 2015 four candidates were presented to the Member Societies.
– Till September 1st, 2015, the votes of the Member Societies were collected.
– All four candidates are elected unopposed for a two years term.

Elected Board:

– Emanuele D’Andria, I0ELE, chairman
– Oliver Amend, DG6BCE, technical director
– Bertus Hüsken, PE1KEH, counsellor
– Jean Pierre Courjaud, F6DZP, counsellor.

According the Terms of Reference, the Board elected takes office October 1st, 2015.

Member Societies:

• AMSAT-Belgium (Belgium)
• AMSAT-Francophone (France)
• AMSAT-Italy (Italy)
• AMSAT-SM (Sweden)
• ARI (Italy)
• DARC (Germany)
• MARL (Malta) (associate member)
• PZK (Poland)
• RAL (Lebanon) (associate member)
• REF (France)
• REP (Portugal)
• UBA (Belgium)
• USKA (Switzerland)
• VERON (The Netherlands)

Congratulations to the elected Board and best wishes for a very successful term of office.

ARISS-Europe chairman
Gaston Bertels – ON4WF

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